18th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control

 3 - 5 December 2021  Xiamen, China

T​heme:Industry 4.0 and AI  

Award list of best papers

Best paper on applications is :  
Paper ID: 13
Title: A Virtual Wafer-based Scheduling Method for Dual-arm Cluster Tools with Chamber Cleaning Requirements  -- Yan Qiao, Jie Li, Yanjun Lu,Siwei Zhang, Naiqi Wu and Bin Liu 

Best paper on theory is :  
Paper ID: 87 
Title: Distributed Adaptive Consensus via Event-triggered Sampling: An Edge-based Method  -- Dongdong Yue, Simone Baldi, Wenying Xu and Jinde Cao

Best student paper on applications is :  
Paper ID: 108
Title: Neural Network and ANFIS based auto-adaptive MPC for path tracking in autonomous vehicles -- Yassine Kebbati

Best student paper on theory is :  
Paper ID: 114
Title: Reducing Differences Between Real and Realistic Samples to Improve GANs  -- Shen Zhang, Huaxiong Li, Yaohui Li, Xianzhong Zhou and Chunlin Chen
 ​ Sponsors: IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society; Huaqiao University; Zhejiang University;Jiangxi University Of Science And Technology 
 ​       Co-Sponsors: Xiamen Association of Automation, Fujian Association of Automation, Jiangsu Association of Automation